Rapidly-Disintegrating Laminar Extrudates – Age Appropriate Pediatric Formulation

The aim of the present investigation is to produce rapidly disintegrating laminar extrudates for delivering ibuprofen in the mouth of paediatric patients. The laminar shape is particularly convenient for drug delivering in the mouth and can be easily cut in different sizes allowing for a convenient adjustment of the drug dose depending on the age of the patient. Due to the fact that in paediatric formulations, the selection of the excipients is always a challenging issue and the reduction of their amount is always highly desirable, in this study to select the most appropriate composition to achieve a rapid disintegration and simultaneously permit a high amount of ibuprofen in the system, an experimental design for mixtures was employed and the disintegration time in simulated saliva was used as experimental response. In addition, a solid state analyses to check possible insurgence of drug-excipients interactions, laminar extrudates were characterised in terms of mechanical properties and in vitro dissolution performances. Extrudates with the desired uniform laminar shape, constant thickness (2 mm) and a very high content of drug (82% wt) were produced. ese products exhibited a short disintegration time. e dose for a patient of 6-12 years corresponded to a length of extrudate between 1-1.5 cm, perfectly compatible with a formulation orodispersible thin laminar extrudate intended for a paediatric patient.  




Rapidly-Disintegrating Laminar Extrudate
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Graphic for different patient´s age
Adjustement of drug dose depending on age of the patient

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