ADAPT Aspirin Dose Accuracy in PaediaTrics – a survey

What is ADAPT?

ADAPT: Aspirin Dose Accuracy in PaediaTrics

ADAPT is a research project which enables researchers from the University of Birmingham to work with nurses and pharmacists involved in the manipulation of tablets to provide doses for children.

This research project is being undertaken by Ahmed Lahiq as part of an educational qualification (PhD) at the School of Pharmacy, University of Birmingham under the supervision of Dr Hannah Batchelor. The research project has been funded by the PhD grant for Ahmed Lahiq which is paid by the Saudi government. The University of Birmingham is responsible for sponsoring the research. This questionnaire has been ethically approved by the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Ethical Review Committee at the University of Birmingham, ERN_18-0301A.

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Aspirin is used in certain children, for example those with Kawasaki’s disease yet it is contra-indicated in most children due to the link to a rare but potentially fatal illness known as Reye’s syndrome.

When aspirin is used in children an oral liquid is not readily available therefore health care providers or parents are required to manipulate (split, crush, disperse, dissolve) aspirin tablets to produce the appropriate dose for these paediatric patients.

Healthcare professionals typically have to manipulate aspirin tablets to obtain the relevant dose for children. This study will identify which methods are used by pharmacists and nurses and also how reliable these methods are in obtaining an accurate dose.

We would be very grateful if you could fill in this short survey detailing how you would prepare a dose of aspirin from a tablet. We will then use this information to evaluate how accurate these methods are to prepare small amounts of aspirin.

This questionnaire does not contain any sensitive information and in anonymised upon completion. Therefore it is assumed that by completing this questionnaire you are consenting for us to use your answers for the purposes of this research project (consent via completion).

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Once you submit your questionnaire you will not be able to withdraw your data as we will be unable to link this to you.

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If you have any questions/comments on this questionnaire please contact

Dr Hannah Batchelor

School of Pharmacy, Robert Aitken Building, University of Birmingham

[email protected]

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