Design, Characterization and Evaluation of Quick Dissolving Matrix BARETab® ODT Tablet In Ondansetron Formulation


The oral dissolving tablets is defined as one, which has drug in it and when placed on tongue dissolves completely within a limited span of time, without additional requirement of water. Drug is released, dispersed in the saliva and swallowed and subsequently absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). To achieve quick disintegration in oral solid dosage forms, it’s important to have high porosity in the tablets. This allows faster penetration of water and thus accelerates the disintegration. Oral dissolving tablets are the preferred means for patients with oral disorders and patients with dysphagia.

It could also be friendly, with geriatric, pediatric and mentally challenged people. Oral dissolving tablet formulation are made by many techniques but in this study, we have made BARETab® ODT quick dissolving matrix using spray drier, characterized by Fouriertransform infrared spectroscopy and melting point , morphology studied by scanning electron microscope, evaluation done with physicochemical test such as bulk density, flowability, average particle size distribution, compressibility index, water content and residue on ignition.

Ondansetron oral dissolving tablet was thereafter made using with BARETab® ODT quick dissolving matrix. Ondansetron oral dissolving tablet was evaluated by in-vitro testing such as physical evaluation, weight uniformity, hardness, friability, disintegration and drug released profile. BARETab® ODT quick dissolving matrix have very good morphology, every particle contains binder, filler, glidant, sweetener and super disintegrant. It has outstanding physiochemical properties which helped to deliver good quality Ondansetron tablet. It has less friability, satisfactory hardness and quick disintegration time.


The oral route of administration is most widely and favourable route of drug delivery system because of its convenience of self-administration, compactness [1]. Oral dosages forms are easy to manufacture and convenient in handling. However, the most evident drawback of the oral dosage forms like tablets and capsules is difficulty in swallowing [2]. It is an estimation, approximately 50% of the population is affected by this problem worldwide, leading to patient’s incompliance particularly in case of pediatric and geriatric patients, but it also applies to people who are ill in bed and to those active working patients who are busy or traveling, especially those who have no access to water [3]. The problem can be resolved by the creation of Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs). It is also known as quick dissolving tablet, fast dissolving tablet [4].

ODTs rapidly disintegrate in the mouth without chewing upon oral administration and without the need for water, unlike other drug delivery systems and conventional oral solid immediate release dosage form. It has significant impact on the patient compliance [5]. Orally disintegrating tablets are appreciated by a significant segment of populations particularly who have difficulty in swallowing [6]. It has been reported common among all age groups and more specific with pediatric, geriatric population along with institutionalized patients, psychiatric patients and patients with nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness complications. ODTs with good taste and flavour increase the acceptability of bitter drugs by various groups of population [7].

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Source: Sigachi, Sinha AR et al., Design, Characterization and Evaluation of Quick Dissolving Matrix BARETab® ODT Tablet In Ondansetron Formulation. American Journal of Pharmacy & Health Research 2020

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