Novel Drug Delivery Systems Fighting Glaucoma: Formulation Obstacles and Solutions

Glaucoma is considered to be one of the biggest health problems in the world. It is the main cause of preventable blindness due to its asymptomatic nature in the early stages on the one hand and patients’ non-adherence on the other. There are several approaches in glaucoma treatment, whereby this has to be individually designed for each patient. The first-line treatment is medication therapy. However, taking into account numerous disadvantages of conventional ophthalmic dosage forms, intensive work has been carried out on the development of novel drug delivery systems for glaucoma. This review aims to provide an overview of formulation solutions and strategies in the development of in situ gel systems, nanosystems, ocular inserts, contact lenses, collagen corneal shields, ocular implants, microneedles, and iontophoretic devices. The results of studies confirming the effectiveness of the aforementioned drug delivery systems were also briefly presented.

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Rahić, O.; Tucak, A.; Omerović, N.; Sirbubalo, M.; Hindija, L.; Hadžiabdić, J.; Vranić, E. Novel Drug Delivery Systems Fighting Glaucoma: Formulation Obstacles and Solutions. Pharmaceutics 202113, 28.

Materials: Poloxamer, Nanoparticles, HPMC, CMC, Cyclodextrin


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