Polymeric Nanohydrogel in Topical Drug Delivery System

Nanohydrogels (NH) are biodegradable polymers that have been extensively studied and utilized for various biomedical applications. Drugs in a topical medication are absorbed via the skin and carried to the intended location, where they are metabolized and eliminated from the body. With a focus on their pertinent contemporary treatments, this review aims to give a complete overview of recent advances in the creation and application of polymer NH in biomedicine.

We will explore the key features that have driven advances in nanotechnology and discuss the significance of nanohydrogel-based formulations as vehicles for delivering therapeutic agents topically. The review will also cover the latest findings and references from the literature to support the advancements in nanotechnological technology related to the preparation and application of NH. In addition, we will also discuss the unique properties and potential applications of NH as drug delivery systems (DDS) for skin applications, underscoring their potential for effective topical therapeutic delivery.

The challenge lies in efficiently delivering drugs through the skin’s barrier to specific areas with high control. Environmentally sensitive systems, like polymer-based NH, show promise in treating dermatological conditions. Polymers are pivotal in developing these drug delivery systems, with NH offering advantages such as versatile drug loading, controlled release, and enhanced skin penetration.

Table 1 Most Widely Used Polymers for Topical Nanohydrogel Design and Manufacture (click to enlarge)

Table 1 Most Widely Used Polymers for Topical Nanohydrogel Design and Manufacture
Table 1

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Yuniarsih N, Chaerunisaa AY, Elamin KM, Wathoni N. Polymeric Nanohydrogel in Topical Drug Delivery System. Int J Nanomedicine. 2024;19:2733-2754, https://doi.org/10.2147/IJN.S442123

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