A unique pharmaceutical oil for solubility and oral bioavailability enhancement

White Paper New Maisine® CC

This white paper features Maisine® CC, Gattefossé’s tradename for glyceryl
monolinoleate (USP-NF), also known as corn oil mono-, di- and triglycerides.
This unique pharmaceutical oil has a long and successful history of use in
lipid-based formulation (LBF) for oral bioavailability enhancement.

In LBF Maisine® is associated with drug solubilization and increased oral
bioavailability and in certain cases mitigation of food effect and lymphatic
drug absorption – thereby reducing first-pass metabolism.

LBF is a viable approach for BCS Class II drugs, particularly those with high
Log P and good solubility in lipid excipients. LBF are classified in 4 types
(Pouton, 2000 and 2006), depending on the functionality of excipients – oily
vehicle, water soluble or insoluble surfactants and/or co-solvents – and
their respective concentration. Each type has advantages and drawbacks as
summarized in the graphic below. You find more details in the white paper.

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gattefosse-Lipid-based formulation at a glance
Lipid-based formulation at a glance














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